Sunday, October 9, 2011

Learning to Read in a Montessori Environment

I came across this article on the web.  It's about how children learn to read in a Montessori environment.  Learning to read in a Montessori school is definitely different than a traditional route.  Hopefully you'll find it informative!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's About Time!

Life got very busy and I haven't posted in the past year.  Teaching, tutoring and taking graduate classes will do that to a person.

Good news today!  Here in the State of Ohio, a group of parents sued a school district near Columbus called Upper Arlington Schools.  Apparently their children were not getting the appropriate support needed to remediate their dyslexia, or specific language disability as it's also know.  So, the parents took action.

The suit alleges that the school district did not use the appropriate testing to identify the learning disability and then allowed the children to flounder for years without appropriate accommodations and remediation.  My heart breaks for these children and they deserve better.

You can read all of the findings here:

The school district and the parents came to an agreement without having it go to trial, and the school is agreeing to provide additional diagnostic testing and remediate children with specific language disabilities.  This is very timely for us in Ohio because Dyslexia is still not a "recognized" learning disability here.  And it should be.  Much work has been done to help get a law passed that recognize it, and we're close.  This should help.