Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If you're new to this blog, one of the things I like to do is add some tidbits about the school where I teach.  We spend quite a bit of time in the outdoors and the children really enjoy it.  And sometimes I hear children say, "I'm bored!"  I love it when children say they're bored.  It's such an opportunity to discover and explore that they wouldn't have had otherwise.  

A very wise woman once said, "All great things were created because someone was bored."  It gives children an opportunity to think within the stillness and have room within themselves to have new ideas.  Just as we adults need time and room within our days to think and organize ourselves, children need the opportunity to be bored.  So, the next time you hear, "I'm bored", embrace it and allow your child to be in the boredom for a while.  You just might be surprised when they come up with something amazing on their own!


  1. Hi Beth!
    I just ran across your blog--it looks fantastic! I can't wait to explore and learn from it. I love your piece on "boredom."
    Elaine May

  2. Hi, Beth.
    You are doing great work. I am never bored as an adult, but remember being bored at times as a youth. Great teachers see opportunties where others may see frustration. Thanks for your dedication and professionalism. Your students will go far.