Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blending sounds into words

This is the basis of reading!!  After we've played all of these games with sounds in different places in the words, the children can't wait to start reading!!

When I'm teaching children how to blend, I first like to start with compound words (Notice a theme here?  This is where we started with segmenting too.)  I'll give the children two parts to a word and they have to tell me what the word is.  For example:

  • base + ball 
  • dish + pan
  • arm + rest
  • flash + light
After the first example, the children completely understand what we're doing and they can't wait to give the answer.

Then, we start working on syllables.  I'll give the children two syllables and they have to tell me what the word is.  Gradually I'll increase it to three syllables and in some cases, we'll actually get to four syllable or five syllable words, if they know the words.  " Can anyone tell me what this word is I'm thinking of?"
  • ro + tate
  • pam + per
  • fast + er
  • mis + take
  • o + ver
  • rai + sin
  • cel + e + brate
  • re + strict + ion
The next step is to start blending sounds into words.  We'll start with two sound words and then gradually move into longer words.

  • c + ar
  • g + o
  • l +igh + t
  • f + i + sh
  • c + a + t
  • m + a + s + k

I have found that if children are able to identify the letters and their sounds, yet are unable to blend those sounds into words, if we go back to some of these simple games, they will eventually be able to blend the sounds on the page together to read.  

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