Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Resources

 Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge proponent of research based practices.  We as teachers can look at what other teachers are doing and copy what they do, but unless it's backed by research as being proven to increase reading skills, we'll just be doing what's always been done.  I know we learn a lot from each others as teachers, but when you ask Sue down the hall how she increases her students fluency, you have no idea whether it's been proven by research to increase fluency, or it's just something that she's always done.  Doesn't mean it isn't a good activity, but it's not based in research.

I came across a website today that not only has information, but also links to papers this man has written, all based on reaserch he's conducted.   His name is Dr. Richard Allington, and his website is:

You can find the link to his papers and articles here.

I know we're all busy and barely have time to plan our lessons and keep up with life, much less do research on best practices.  But if you ever do have time and find that you're looking for a different way, take a look.  You just might be surprised. :)

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