Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Being an Orton Gillingham tutor, I am very fascinated with the English Language and how it works.  I've recently completed the advanced Orton Gillingham training which focuses on the morphology of the English Language (basically).  We learned about bases (roots), prefixes, suffixes, words with Latin origins, words with Greek origins, etc.  It's all fascinating stuff and makes me wish I would have taken Latin when I was in high school.  When I teach these things to the dyslexic children I tutor, they are very quickly able to write very long multi-syllabic words that previously were a mystery to them.

Gina Cooke was one of my instructors and I recently discovered she has a blog.  If you're a "word nerd" like me, you'll like her blog.  She's a linguist by trade and comes from a linguists perspective, but she's dynamic and fun and great to listen to.  Her blog is Lex, and you can find it here:


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